Graduate School Checklist

Here are some things to consider when choosing a graduate school:

  •  What is the reputation of the program?
  •  Will you be able to work in areas that interest you?
  •  How accessible is the faculty?
  •  What are your chances of working with the professor you want?
  •  If you are promised financial aid, for how long will you get it?  Can it be renewed?
  •  What about tuition and fees?
  •  Average number of years until degree?
  •  What about jobs for graduates?
  •  Do you feel comfortable with the faculty and students?
  •  What about university facilities:
    • the library?
    • computers?
    • offices, laboratory, or studio?
  •  What do current graduate students say about:
    •   the program?
    •   the faculty?
    •   jobs for recent graduates?
    •   student morale?
  •  Do you like the city and the setting of the university?
  •  Cost of living?
  •  Housing?
  •  Proximity to your family?  (This can be a plus or a minus, depending on your family.)

Source:  “The Grad School Handbook,”  Jerrard and Jerrard, 1998.