Registration for the GRE is done online.  You will have to create an account and pay about $200 to take the test.  Make sure you know what your schools require - there is a general GRE and there are also GRE subject tests.  You will want to register far enough in advance that you can ensure seats will be available for the chosen test day.  


You should begin preparing well in advance.  USU does not offer a GRE prep course.  There are private test prep courses available, but many students choose to study on their own.  The GRE website has full practice tests, which are more like the exam than private materials and can help you know your strengths and weaknesses.  Use these to get used to the test. as well as testing tips and sample questions.  The GRE website also has a math study guide that previous students have found helpful.  To prepare for the essay portion of the test, you should practice writing essays in the time allotted and have a "writing coach" read through and score your essay.  Proper preparation begins several months in advance of the test.  

Test Day

Remember to relax.  Dress comfortably, arrive at the test center early, and trust your preparation.

Retaking the GRE

You can retake the GRE after 21 days, up to 5 times in a 12 month period.  If you do choose to retake the GRE, you should focus your study on weak areas.