Student Code of Conduct
On-Campus Interviewing

Career Services has policies and procedures established for the job/internship search in order to provide a basis for ethical conduct that ultimately reflects well on our students, Career Services, and Utah State University.

Interview “NO SHOW” and Late Cancellation Policy
Submitting a resume requesting an interview and scheduling an interview are commitments to the employer. If you are selected for an interview for which you submitted a resume, you are committed to scheduling an interview and showing up, well prepared, for the interview unless a legitimate reason arises.

A “NO SHOW” is defined as someone who:
• submits a resume expressing interest for an interview, is selected by the employer for an interview, but fails to schedule an interview time;
• schedules an interview with an employer and does not show up for the interview;
• cancels an interview less than 24 hours before the interview.

A “NO SHOW” is responsible to:
• submit a letter of apology to the employer. The letter and a stamped, addressed envelope must be turned into the Career Services Center within two business days of the missed interview.
• if the policy is violated a second time, campus recruiting privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the year.

Acceptance Policy for Permanent and Internship Positions
After accepting a job offer, you should NOT continue to interview. Notify Career Services of your acceptance and cease further activity.

Accurate Representation Policy
Always provide accurate information during the job search process. Do not falsify work experience, GPA, dates, eligibility, leadership roles, etc.

Resume Referrals
Permission to refer your resume to employers is granted by you through a statement in Career AGGIE. Under the “Additional Information” heading you see a statement which reads, “I authorize employers to directly search and view my resume(s) and basic information in this system.” By selecting yes you are allowing employers to view your resume.

Final Considerations
Please keep in mind that these policies are in place to protect you and the employer. Unprofessional behavior by students can cause employers to cancel recruiting visits. If you have any questions about this code, please call Career Services at (435) 797-7777.