Teacher Credential File Information

The word “credentials” is used often in the field of education to describe a number of different documents used to denote official evaluations and/or proficiencies. Some school districts will ask for your “reference file” or your ” placement file.” These mean the same thing as your credential file.

School districts use "credentials" to describe documents that provide teaching candidates credibility with their school administrators. In the past, most districts, at some point in the application process, would require an "official" (i.e., copied and mailed from Career Services) credential file from all candidates. This is no longer true!

Career Services continues to recommend self-managed credential files because in most cases a photocopy of the requested documents, provided by you, will be sufficient for the districts.  Many districts will require all or most your documentation to be submitted electronically, thus bypassing the need to have the Career Center send your file.  Below you will find details about our new credential file policy and instructions for preparing and maintaining your self-managed credential file.

New Credential File Policy

As of January 1, 2008, all teachers are required to self-manage their own Credential/Placement Files. For directions on successfully managing your File, click on the links below.

To obtain a copy of your Student Teaching evaluations, see the dates below for contact information. Be sure to have ready the year you completed your student teaching. If your name has changed since that time, also provide your maiden name.

Teachers who graduated prior to 2004 :

Contact Bob Parson from Archives at (435) 797-0894 and request that a copy of your evaluations be sent to you.

Teachers who graduated 2004 and later :

 Contact Career Services at (435) 797-7777 and your evaluations will be sent to you.


Self-Managed Credential File Instructions