Other Exams


Actuarial Exams

Exams for entrance into the Society of Actuaries (SOA). Actuary Exams are given twice yearly, in May and November. Contact Society of Actuaries for cost and other registration information. Website: www.beanactuary.org/exams.

Classroom Tests

We do not administer or score exams for courses taught on campus. 

Independent Study, Correspondence, & Online Exams

Contact the Distance Education and Online Testing Center at (435) 797-3617 or (855) 834-2370 to arrange to take independent study exams, online exams, or correspondence exams from other universities. Their website is http://distance.usu.edu/online_courses/testing.cfm.

Speech and Hearing Test

This exam is required of students entering the education programs on campus. Contact your department for specifics on where and when to take this exam. 

Teacher Education Writing Exam

This exam is required for students entering many of the education programs on campus. It is available through the Young Education Teaching Center (YETC) in the Education Building (main floor, east side). Contact them at (435) 797-3377. Reminder: this exam is available only the first 5 weeks of each semester. 


Testing Services (435) 797-1004