CEA Standing Committee

CEA Standing Committee - As of 12/16/2015

Salary and Benefits Committee
Chair:  Wade Perkins  wade.perkins@usu.edu  797-1947  UMC 6600
The Salary and Benefits Committee reviews employee benefits and makes recommendations to the Executive Board in matters dealing with, but not limited to, recommendation for distribution of periodic salary increases, compensation, leave of absence, employee benefits, workman's compensation, health benefits, disability, equity and merit adjustments, and other matters of well being.

Employee Enhancement Committee
Chair:  Monica Lewis  monica.neilson@usu.edu  797-9610  UMC 9600
The Employee Enhancement Committee promotes, organizes, and coordinates professional/technical development for the general health and well being of the Classified Employees. The Committee is responsible for quarterly CEA forums to seek, obtain, and distribute information relating to professional and technical development.

Employee Relations Committee
Chair:  Marilyn Atkinson  marilyn.atkinson@usu.edu  797-0001  UMC 1437
The Employee Relations Committee provides all new Classified Employees with a Classified Employee Association (CEA) brochure, which promotes awareness and involvement in the Association. The Committee serves as a resource to CEA members regarding workplace issues. Members of this Committee may be asked to serve on the USU Hearing Committee.

Scholarship Committee
Chair:  Deb MeGill  deb.megill@usu.edu  797-1846  UMC 2400
The Scholarship Committee awards scholarships annually to a spouse, child, or grandchild of a Classified Employee. The Committee is responsible for soliciting donations and promoting fund-raising for CEA Scholarships. The Committee is responsible for soliciting names of qualified applicants; obtaining and evaluating completed applications, and submitting the names of recommended recipients to the Executive Board for confirmation.

Media and Public Relations Committee
The Media and Public Relations Committee is responsible for the creation and distribution of the quarterly newsletter, sent to all CEA members. The Committee is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of the CEA website and facebook page.

Employee Recognition Committee
Chair:  Christine Ballard   christine.ballard@usu.edu  797-9441  UMC 5105
The Employee Recognition Committee is responsible for promoting and coordinating all information needed to enable the process of choosing the CEA employee of the quarter and year awards and working closely with the CEA vice president to plan the annual banquet.

Task Force/University Committees:

  • Board of Trustees - Brian Joy
  • Parking & Transportation - Trisha Hunsaker
  • Employee Benefits Advisory Board (EBAC); Salary & Benefits; AAEO - Wade Perkins
  • University Calendar -
  • Performance Appraisal - Brian Joy
  • Banner Steering - Brian Joy
  • SAAVI - Monica Lewis

If you have questions or comments or would like to get involved with any of these committees, contact the chair or other member of the Executive Council.