MAY 1998 - Barbara Lutz

Barbara retired from her position in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) Department in July of this year. She has given 20 years of dedicated service to Utah State University. Barbara has been a skilled, dedicated, committed employee. She kept up with University policy and procedure to assist faculty, staff and colleagues with questions or problems in an effective and timely manner. She was able to maintain a professional and helpful attitude in any situation and was always ready and willing to go the extra mile. One of her greatest accomplishments was her ability to help others see their possibilities of succeeding, no matter what the odds. Barbara made all of us who have had the pleasure of working with her more professional and productive.

JUNE 1998 - Diane Barnett

Diane has given over 20 years of service to Utah State University. She is currently employed by the Controllers office where she is known as the "anchor" of the department. Diane manages all the paperwork and tracks the comings and goings of 40 to 50 employees. Diane has an excellent knowledge of university functions and systems and has developed the ability to perform tasks and projects with excellence, a positive attitude, and a willingness to keep abreast of change. She is the first to jump in and learn new programs and then pass this knowledge on to others to help them be more efficient in their positions. Diane has consistently performed at above standard levels. Her support and understanding of the challenges faced by the Controller's office has been invaluable. Everyone in the office agrees that Diane is the best there is!

JULY 1998 - Brent Stucki

Brent has given Utah State University 2 years of part-time and four years of full-time service in Physical Plant. Brent's work shows that he is happy to be here. He makes every effort to be at work on time and event ready. Brent's relationship with his peers, supervisors and Physical plan customers has always been one that demonstrates the Covey principle "seek to understand before being understood." Brent has been known to accompany "lost" freshman to their classrooms. He put himself in their shoes and knew that taking them by the hand would take a little more time, but would win a friend for Utah State University. Brent has an extensive knowledge of all phases of facilities maintenance and takes every opportunity to add to his expertise. He serves as a member of the Facilities Maintenance Departmental Vendors Team which is responsible for the testing and evaluation of all products and equipment and then making recommendations to management for purchase and use campus wide. Brent is an exceptional person and loyal "Aggie."

AUGUST 1998 - Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor from Telecommunications and Telephone services was nominated by Tresa Riggs and friends. Todd is a team player. He always honors his commitments. He keeps up with changing technology and is always willing to learn new programs and concepts. He is extremely accurate and quick in accomplishing jobs for other co-workers or for anyone else on campus.

SEPTEMBER 1998 - KayDawn Israelsen

KayDawn is an exceptional administrative support person for the faculty in the Business Information Systems and Education Department. Four of the qualities that people in the department admire most about KayDawn are: she is industrious, she follows-up on projects, she has excellent oral and written communications skills, and she is dependable. KayDawn brings an atmosphere of understanding and competence sprinkled with good humor to the department office. As a generous and outgoing person, she is enjoyed by all those she helps. Her work ethic is simple--keep busy doing productive work. KayDawn gives at least 100 percent in each and every situation.

OCTOBER 1998 - Laura Lou Campbell

Laura Lou has worked at USU for about 9 years. She is one of the first people the public comes in contact with as they enter the Purchasing Department and she is always very pleasant and courteous, making individuals feel at ease. She has a positive attitude, is trustworthy, concerned for others, and does not ask from others what she is not willing to do herself. She is cool under fire and her expertise in her job assignment is unequaled. Laura Lou's philosophy is "For any organization to be effective they must first gain the confidence of the people they serve." She excels in this quality.

NOVEMBER 1998 - Tresa Riggs
Tresa's supervisor stated that "she is one of the most dedicated, hard-working individuals she has ever supervised." Tresa seeks work to fill in the rare instances when she has a little spare time. She is responsible for maintaining the hundreds of invoice files for the department. Tresa has developed a filing system that makes it possible for the rest of the office to find information with ease. She knows the customers by name and always takes a minute to visit with them, developing a personal relationship with them. In fact, they often stop by just to say hello to her when they are in the area. Tresa can back up several other people in the department and doesn't hesitate to learn new responsibilities and jumps in to help whenever she can. Tresa is the kind of employee that every office should have at least one of. She is grateful for her job and is willing to go the extra mile anytime.

DECEMBER 1998 - Ron Thompson

Ron has been employed by USU for 18+ years. He is well known on campus and well respected for the quality of work that he performs. Ron's loyalty, honesty, and hard work has make him an extremely valued employee. He is often asked for by name when departments on campus need work done. He is respected by all of his co-workers. Ron is especially good in working with students on their projects and is always willing to give advice on how to make their projects better. Ron's supervisor state, "Ron's knowledge, skill, and disposition has made it so that I would not easily be able to replace him."

JANUARY 1999 - Janice Petersen

Janice has been at USU for over 13 years. Janice is a valued employee of the Purchasing Department. She is familiar with most of the duties performed by the employees in Purchasing and is able to fill in when others are away from the job. She has a soft, caring heart for others and that feeling shines through in all she does. She is honest and dependable and her word is her bond. This lady has high moral and ethical standards, you can always depend on her word of honor. Her co-workers know that if there are errors in something, Janice will catch and correct them before they leave the office. She is to be commended for her commitment to serve the needs of the Purchasing Department and Utah State University.

FEBRAURY 1999 - Shannon Johnson

Shannon has worked at USU for 4.5 years. She is employed in Customer Service at Physical Plant. Shannon demonstrates patience and humor when dealing with the many customers that call on a daily basis. She then uses those same skills to convince Physical Plant workers to respond to the calls in a timely manner. Shannon has superb organizational skills, she is a team player, and has been recognized with the "Winning Spirit Award" and the "Director's Award" for her work on the Physical Plant PAR Team. She is flexible and continues to work with a situation until a "win-win" situation can be reached. Co-workers report that Shannon makes their jobs easier and more pleasant. She is an example of the way we should treat each other here at the University.

MARCH 1999 - Dennis Mauchley

Dennis has worked at Housing for 17 years. He has worked in every housing area. Dennis learns the names of the residents of the buildings he cares for and always has time for a smile and chat with them. He performs his duties at a fast running pace and is quick to alert others to potential problems. A few years ago the residents of Dennis's building were so impressed with his work and caring attitude that they spear headed a drive to raise money to send Dennis and his son to California to see a Dodger game (one of Dennis favorite teams). Although challenged with a few physical limitations, he always accepts and accomplished new tasks with a smile and a winning attitude. Dennis was awarded the Spotlight of the Month for the regional Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Resident Halls (IACURH) organization in October. USU is grateful for the hard work and dedication that Dennis puts into his job.

APRIL 1999 - Brenda Bohm

Brenda has worked in the Financial Aid Office for the last 8 years. Her work and workload has illustrated both her expertise and her excellent ability and skill for the organization of her tasks. Constancy could be Brenda's middle name, an invaluable quality for an employee. Her diversified expertise and knowledge has allowed her to contribute where she see need and she does so with a positive attitude. For the past year Brenda has added her personal touch to the Early Awareness Program. She has worked closely with the students of North Campus High School scheduling visits and data sheets which help these young students see that they have a educational future. USU is grateful for the dedication and extra mile Brenda puts into her position.