Marilyn Elison

Congratulations to Marilyn Eliason, 1999-2000 Classified Employee of the Year. Marilyn provides excellent work for the ASTE Department. She has always put forth the required effort to plan, initiate, and complete tasks in the most effective and efficient manner. She is the first person that the faculty, staff, and students, both graduate and undergraduate, rely on when there is a problem or help is needed. Marilyn is a very conscientious person who makes a great effort to be as well prepared as she can be for any task assigned to her and is flexible as to where she applies her skills. The quality of her work is superior; she is creative in her solutions; and she strives for excellence in whatever she does. Marilyn is a great asset to her department, not only for her good work but also for the good person she is. She is a person of high integrity and is very pleasant to have around, always seeking to involve others in her life by encouraging and uplifting them.