Jana Beckstead - Summer 2001-2002

Jana has worked in her current position in the Facilities Department as Customer Service Representative for almost three years. She has been with Utah State University for over six years. Jana's work is always excellent and she is willing to go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction.

Jana's responsibilities include taking trouble calls, imputing work orders, scheduling moving crews, coordinating with the Athletic Department for events, and tons of paperwork.

Her knowledge and expertise in design and computer skills is great. She produces the facilities newsletter, "The Image", each month. It is one of the best newsletters produced at Utah State University.

Her personality is always positive and her friendliness is genuine and sincere.

Jana's supervisor reports that she is a self-starter who needs very little supervision. She is a great asset to the University.

It is with great pleasure that Jana be awarded the honor of Classified Employee of the Summer 2002 Quarter. Congratulations, Jana


Sheila Jessie - Fall 2001-2002

Sheila has worked as an Administrative Assistant in the Psychology Department for the past six years. She has been with Utah State University for almost nine years.

Her work is impeccable. She is very conscientious and is consistently on task.

When information is needed, or tasks to be completed, they are always done quickly and efficiently. She is always there to answer questions and extend help to others in her department.

Although Sheila was "dropped" into her position with little training, because of her attention to detail and her willingness to search out information, she grasped and understood her job quickly.

Sheila has a GREAT personality and is very quick to laugh. She also shares her chocolate "stash".

She graduated in December 2001 with an Associates Degree in Office Support Systems, and is working towards her Bachelor's degree.

It is with great pleasure that Sheila be awarded the honor of Classified Employee of the Fall 2002 Quarter. Congratulations, Sheila


Tara Gibbons - Winter 2001-2002

Tara Gibbons has worked at Utah State University in Audio Visual Services for over five years. She is a self-motivated and hard working person, and through her good work ethic and friendly attitude she has moved quickly into positions of increasing responsibility.

When first employed, Tara was helping customers at the front counter, and on the phone, by locating and scheduling equipment and materials. Tara then moved to establishing rental sources and working closely with faculty members in identifying and ordering materials for classroom use. In addition, she was over accounts payable for materials ordered, which includes verifying and processing invoices for payment.

Tara is a hard working, efficient, dependable, and reliable employee. She strives for excellence, and in situations where extra effort is needed she not only provides the expected services, but also surpasses them. Tara is a pleasant and cheerful employee even under stressful situations. She is a team player who is more than willing to take on any task she is assigned.

Tara is a fun and wonderful person to work for. She creates a pleasant work environment by means of her good humor and enjoyment for what she is doing, and gets the job done without making it feel like work.

Tara is now in the Classroom Technical Services department, which was created when the Audio Visual Services department divided, and where her skills will be appreciated


Connie Peterson - Spring 2001-2002

Connie Peterson has worked for Utah State University in the Controllers/Cashiers Office on contract since September 1997. Prior to that she was a temporary cashier for many years. Connie's work is accurate, done on time, and complete. She is friendly with everyone and has helped to improve the image of the collection office with her attitude and demeanor.

Connie has had to learn the complicated rules and federal regulations regarding Perkins loans and she does an excellent job in helping the students in repayment. She helped to make the Perkins Loan program as streamlined for the students as possible while still complying with the federal guidelines. She is pleasant to be around and a big joker. She always has a smile on her face.

When Connie visits the Post Office on campus twice each day to post the mail for her office, she is enjoyed by the workers and often teased. Her mail is also sorted neatly and processed correctly. She is always happy and helpful to everyone.

Jodi Morgan - Spring 2001-2002

Jodi Morgan is the Classified Employee for Spring Quarter. Jodi has worked at Utah State University for five years in the Personnel Services Office. Jodi began her services as Records Maintenance Technician.

She was promoted to Coordinator of Records about two and one-half years ago. She has responsibility for employee records security, and is the University Leave Manager. Jodi has developed a power point training session, which is available to all department managers. She acts as the informal troubleshooter for information technology problems within the office. Jodi's main strength is her "can do" attitude. She provides coverage in all areas of the office and is a real team player. She is an advocate of cross training for efficiency in the office.

Always going the extra mile, she sees the good and positive in everything. Her great laugh, a happy smile and always making others feel at ease are some of her best features. Jodi says, "I love my job, I work in the best office and we are family".

Congratulations Jodi on an award well deserved!