1st Quarter - Ann Friedli

Ann has worked as a staff assistant in the English Department for 28 years. As one of only three staff members serving a department of over 100 faculty and staff, she has faced a daunting workload: everything from coordinating travel plans and accommodations and caterers for the on-campus interviews of as many as 15 potential job candidates, to mediating between faculty and the textbook division of the bookstore, to assisting young faculty with the preparation of tenure materials, right down to patiently answering the most mundane questions of faculty or students. Ann has been the "institutional memory" of the English Department, helping navigate faculty and staff through the mystifying waters of university procedure, parking regulations, payroll problems, new and surplus furniture, travel concerns, enrollment issues, defective office machinery, telephone services, and even emergency medical concerns. Ann is soft-spoken, honest, cheerful, generous and extremely kind, and is well-deserving of the recognition of Classified Employee of the Quarter.


2nd Quarter - Barbara Hoyle

Barbara has worked at USU for 20 years in Facilities Maintenance, the last 10 years working at the Center for Persons with Disabilities. She has recently left that department and they miss her terribly. Barbara has an incredible work ethic. She is highly organized and meticulous, giving her best efforts and going far beyond what is expected of her. She considers the safety and well-being of staff and students, and closely monitors any special needs of building occupants. Whether she is shoveling and salting sidewalks, keeping windows and carpets immaculate, maintaining spotless restrooms and work areas, or dusting shelves and emptying garbage bins, Barbara's work would pass the "white glove" test any day of the week, any season of the year. She has a quiet, gentle manner, a great smile, and a big heart. Due to university-wide budget cuts and reduction in staff, Facilities Maintenance services foretold of reduced services, but CPD saw no such reduction; somehow Barbara continued to maintain her own standards of excellence, while assuming additional duties. Her exemplary performance does not go unrecognized as she is awarded the Classified Employees Association Employee of the Quarter.


3rd Quarter - Clair Marler

Clair has worked for Facilities for 19 years, and has shown great dedication and leadership as he has accepted increased responsibility through the years, from a Journeyman Plumber to a coordinator of USU's independent water system. He is a conscientious worker, completing various training and certification courses, which have enabled him to mentor several other people in Facilities. He has developed the positive, productive relationships necessary to coordinate with architects, engineers, contractors and campus personnel to ensure construction quality in university projects, such as the new Recital Hall. Clair has the front-line responsibility to insure that water quality entering and leaving campus meets all local and state requirements. He has helped bring USU into compliance with the employee certification and training, testing, documentation, system modifications, and maintenance required by the State of Utah Division of Water Quality, to become an independent water system purveyor. The Classified Employees Association is proud to recognize Clair as an Employee of the Quarter.