1st Quarter - Co Brunner

Co has been employed at USU for 27 years in the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation.

Co has consistently delivered the highest quality work. She can be counted on to excel in her timeliness and the quality of her work. She is efficient and is thorough in what she does. Co is very pleasant to work with. She is friendly and respectful of others. She is supportive of the department goals, priorities, and is very responsive to the needs of the students, faculty and staff. She easily gains the students' trust and respect as she treats them with trust and respect. Co has been involved in many community and school events and still volunteers her time as a service to the community through many functions.


2nd Quarter - Liz Kefauver

Liz have been employed at USU for 10 years in the Department of Network and Computing Services. 

She has served the last two and a half years as the Banner Training Coordinator. Co- workers report her quality of work as "Always done right and with a flair of fun."

Liz is a fast learner and willing to try! She has a great memory and organizes well so that she can retrieve information quickly. She sets a good example of willingness to try. She always adds a 'Nice' touch to the work she does and communicates openly and honestly and kindly. She is a happy person, fun to work with and goes the extra mile always.