1st Quarter - Linda Wilson

Linda has been with the University for eight years. She is a Staff Assistant III in the registrar’s office. Linda is a dedicated employee who rarely takes time off and is always there when you need her. She is accurate, willing to learn, full of valuable information and is always willing to teach others.

She has a broad spectrum of training and function and is known to be a “solid rock” in the registrar’s office. Linda is kind, fun, friendly and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. She is understanding, helpful and a great listener.

Linda thank you for your hard work and dedication.


2nd Quarter - Tricia Brandenburg

Tricia is a Staff Assistant II in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. She has been with the University for 6 years. Co-workers say that Tricia can do the work of at least 1 ½ people. She is very efficient, extremely professional and always gets projects done ahead of deadlines. She is reliable, knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile. Students, staff and faculty depend on Tricia, and she aims to please. Her supervisor describes her as a great asset to the ECE department and greatly appreciates her. Thanks Tricia for representing the CEA employees so well.



3rd Quarter - Cathy Gerber

Cathy Gerber has been awarded employee of the third quarter, 2008-2009. Cathy has been with the university for twenty two years. She is a Senior Business Assistant in the registrar’s office. Cathy is very conscientious about her work and has a great attention to detail. She is an excellent resource of information. She always gives her best effort and is quick to respond to any request. She is the exact opposite of a procrastinator. Cathy is a quick learner and has offered herassistance to others many times. She is a team player and gets along well with co-workers.

Cathy, thank you for your hard work and dedication.


4th Quarter - Judy Hendrickson

Judy is continuously prepared and dependable. She is always willing to help, not matter how swamped she is. She is the epitome of organization. She follows through with every assigned task, “with Judy, you never have to ask. If you did, you’d never have to ask twice”. The associate dean noted that she “always goes far beyond what is expected or what she is asked to do”.

Judy is very knowledgeable and is extremely precise in all her work. Despite her vast knowledge base, answers are given with warmth and consideration. She was the first honoree of the Graduate School’s “Scoopy Award”. The dean of the Graduate school describes her as “the foundation of our staff morale”.
Judy is the little ray of sunshine that you can depend upon at the Graduate School.

Congratulations Judy!