1st Quarter - Scott Hampton

The Classified Employees Association would like to take a moment to recognize one of our outstanding employees. Scott Hampton is our employee of the first quarter for the 2009-2010 year.

Scott is a facilities employee in the Landscape Operations and Maintenance shop (LOAM). He was recently promoted to supervisor and is doing an excellent job. Scott has been with USU for 12 years.

He was born and raised in Preston, Idaho. He resides in Franklin, with his wife of 22 years, Linda. Together they have 3 children.

Scott enjoys camping, fishing, and restoring his ’84 Corvette and ’78 Nova.

Always dependable, motivated and humble, Scott is very dedicated to keeping the campus environment healthy and beautiful. We are very proud to have such an exemplary employee working at USU.

Scott, thank you for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations!


2nd Quarter - Afton Seibold

Congratulations to the employee of the 2nd quarter, Afton Seibold. Afton works in the parking department and has been on campus for 5 years.

Afton is the consummate professional. She always keeps her cool, even in tense situations. She is knowledgeable about university and parking procedures. Her nominator states that "never have I had a parking question or problem that Afton couldn't solve or tell me who could help me. She is always positive and has a great attitude. She is always willing to help and always willing to volunteer around campus.

Afton is truly an asset to the parking department, CEA and campus as well. She is one of the most sincerely nice people I have ever had the pleasure of working with". She is truly an amazing employee.

Next time you're in parking, stop by and tell her hello.


3rd Quarter - Glenna Payne

Glenna Payne has been awarded employee of the third quarter, 2009-2010. Glenna has been with the University for seventeen years. She is a Staff Assistant II in the Family, Consumer, and Human Development Department.

Glenna’s responsibilities include managing the files for both the Marriage and Family Therapy Program and the Family Financial Counseling Program. She has earned this award by maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality with very private information and accuracy in record keeping. Glenna is very proficient in finding solutions for problems and has saved both the program and the University a lot of time and money.

Always treating anyone she comes in contact with compassion and empathy. She has a calming effect on distressed clients as well as students involved with their programs. Glenna listens with a sympathetic ear while at the same time, maintaining standards for their behavior including their professional demeanor.

Glenna we thank you for your great example and contributions. Congratulations!


4th Quarter - Helen Greene

Helen Greene has been awarded employee of the fourth quarter, 2009-2010. Glenna has been with the University for twenty two years. She is a Staff Assistant III in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership, Secondary Education Program.

Helen is instrumental in the process of pairing practicum students and student teacher with mentor teacher in public schools and also works with advisors in the twenty two partner departments across campus. She does this while accurately maintaining files and databases of important information on each student in the program. The invaluable institutional memory that Helen has acquired has served the department and the University on many occasions.

Helen is willing to go the extra mile to remedy problem situations and does so with humor and consistent kindness to students, colleagues and partners.

We are happy to include Helen in the elite group of employee of the quarter. Congratulations!