1st Quarter - Vivian Johnson

We are excited to award Vivian Johnson the Employee of the Quarter, for the first quarter 2010-2011! Vivian has been with the University for 29 years.

She is currently working in the Regional Campus and Distant Education Department (RCDE), as a Senior Accounting Assistant. Vivian is able to handle over 300 transactions each term. She does this skillfully, working with appropriate personnel as needed, and is always a good sport if you are late or need something special done. She takes personal responsibility for her job tasks and does everything the best she can, with patience and understanding. Vivian’s coworkers feel that, “She knows everything, or if she doesn't, she knows where to find the answer”, and that “Vivian is one of the most selfless, helpful, compassionate people they have known.”

She handles all transactions with discretion and care and is a friend to everyone. She is quite an asset to the University and exemplifies the best qualities in an employee. Vivian makes sure that everyone can be successful by being a great member of the team. She is always willing to jump in and help others and do more than her share without complaint.

Thank you Vivian for all that you do here at Utah State University!

2nd Quarter - Suzanne Thorpe

On January 20, 2011, in the company of her peers, coworkers and CEA committee members, Suzanne Thorpe was awarded the Employee of the Quarter for the 2nd quarter. Suzanne has been a previous long time member of the CEA committee and we’ve seen firsthand her exceptional qualifications for this award.

Suzanne currently works in the Vice President of Student Services Office, as an Administrative Assistant. She has been with Utah State University for 16 years.

Suzanne always takes exceptional pride and ownership of every project or task she is assigned, she is always thorough and methodical with extreme attention to detail. Every request, question or concern is immediately addressed and taken care of in a timely fashion, with great professionalism and grace. Her eagerness to help students has propelled her to learn practically every facet of student services so that she is able to answer questions and provide support to staff, faculty and students. Suzanne’s colleagues are quick to appreciate her perspective and her input because they know that she gives their thoughts and ideas her full attention and consideration. Suzanne exhibits all that is exemplary in those who work tirelessly to help ensure the success of Utah State University and our students.

Please join us in congratulating Suzanne on her well-deserved award!

3rd Quarter - Darlene Orduno

On March 29, 2011, the CEA committee members were happy to award Darlene Orduno the Employee of the Quarter for the 3rd quarter, 2010-2011!

Darlene currently works as a Staff Assistant in the UAES/BioTech department and has been with Utah State University for 10 years. She helps keep the BioTech running like a well-oiled machine. She supports student employees, laboratory technicians, faculty and administration. Darlene also is a great community developer and incredibly hospitable and friendly. Because the BioTech building is divided by floor and labs and lock protected it is hard but Darlene finds ways to help people come together. With her years at Utah State University she has become a wealth of knowledge, she is organized and well acquainted with procedures and practices. Darlene is their “go to” person even if the question is not in her field of expertise or her responsibility she does all she can to help find those answers and help others.

We welcome Darlene Orduno as an added member to the extinguished Employee of the Quarter club!