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4 colleges named

Colleges forever transformed by naming gifts

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

It is an understatement to say that the Quinney family supports Utah State University's College of Natural Resources. Their passion for Utah's educational and cultural endeavors, as well as its natural resources, has helped countless students and faculty pursue opportunities that preserve our state's unique natural resources and improve the quality of life for all Utahns.

Their gifts include undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships and seed grants, as well as program development support in bioregional planning, the Western Aspen Alliance, efforts to restore Utah's rivers and riparian areas, sustainable living education and programming in Utah and Great Basin restoration, distance education programs and technological facilities.

Gifts from the foundation also funded the college's S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Natural Resources Research Library. Established in 1992, the library houses more than 60,000 items and supports the programs and research of the college's academic departments, institutes and centers.

USU will be forever grateful to the Quinney Foundation for its long-standing, generous and forward-thinking support. On September 26, 2012, President Albrecht honored the foundation's most recent gift of $10 million, and unveiled the college's new name; The S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources.

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Jon M. and Karen H. Huntsman know how to make a difference in the lives of others. They also understand the importance of higher education. That is why they chose to support Utah State University's College of Business with a $26 million gift.

The Huntsman's generous donation enables the college to expand its role as a professional school of distinction, a career accelerator for students and an engine of growth for the state and region. Their investment and belief in the school will open opportunities for students to become tomorrow's leaders — locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Utah State University acknowledges the generosity of one of the world's great business leaders and philanthropists and is honored to be associated with the excellence and integrity embodied by the Huntsman name.

In recognition of the gift, the College of Business was renamed The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

The Caine College of the Arts

The Caine College of the Arts was named in recognition of the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation's long-standing support of the arts at Utah State University. The idea for a school of the arts was initiated by then-Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Stan Albrecht, now president of Utah State University. Albrecht worked closely with sisters Kathryn Caine Wanlass and Manon Caine Russell, founding members of the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation, to translate the vision of a school of the arts into reality.

The activities of the Caine College of the Arts are consonant with the goals of the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation to support visiting artists, provide scholarship support to students and enhance community outreach and partnerships in the arts. Today the Caine College of the Arts continues to raise the visibility and notoriety of the arts at Utah State University, the community and beyond.

Through the Caine College of the Arts, Utah State University confirms its cultural roots and continued support of the arts. The university is honored by the Caine family's unprecedented and exceptional kindness and generosity.

The Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Utah State University celebrated two significant gifts from a long-time supporter and renamed its prestigious college of education The Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services.

The $25 million gift from the Emma Eccles Jones Foundation supported the design and construction of a new building as well as five endowed faculty chairs in early childhood education. An additional $1 million gift from the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation supports a new Center for Early Care and Education named for Dolores Doré Eccles.

The gifts allow the already highly ranked college to affirm even further its status as one the nation's leaders in early childhood education, research and service. The college provides a critical training ground for students who will become our nation's best teachers, deaf educators, speech-language pathologists and audiologists. The facilities offer early childhood education, student and parent training, a model research environment and endless opportunities for USU undergraduate and graduate students to observe, tutor and experience hands-on learning internships.

Emma Eccles Jones was a dedicated teacher and a loyal friend to the teaching profession. Utah State University hopes to carry on that great tradition with every teacher who graduates from the college.