Utah State University

Symone Caldwell

Symone Caldwell, recipient of the Anthropology Scholarship


One of the critical goals of the Campaign for Utah State University was to increase the endowment to create lasting support for students. Through the many contributions ranging from in-kind donations to multi-million dollar gifts, USU met that goal. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students and those at our regional campuses will feel the effects of that generosity for decades to come.

Throughout the course of the campaign, USU raised $32 million alone to establish 195 new scholarship endowments to be used by students over time. This means that the hundreds of students being supported today will, over the years, turn into thousands and tens of thousands. In addition, $26 million in expendable scholarship funds were given as gifts to be used by students immediately.

A total of 234 endowments were created during the course of the campaign spanning across all seven colleges. Endowment gifts represent a crucial source of funding as well as a lasting legacy. In recognition, many endowments are named after the donor or someone the donor wishes to honor.

The many people, whether they are alumni, students or friends, connected to the university throughout the course of the campaign, forever changed the course of its future as a premier land-grant research institution. Having accomplished the goal of creating a stronger and more financially secure endowment, USU will continue to recruit high quality students as well as faculty that are leaders in their fields.