Latin Teaching Minor Requirements

Twenty-one (21) credit hours are required.


CLAS 1100 The Latin and Greek Element in English (3)
HIST 3150 Roman History (3)
LATN 3100 Intermediate Latin Prose (3)
LATN 3130 Intermediate Latin Poetry (3)
LATN 4100 Advanced Latin Readings (3)
LATN 4860 Latin Pedagogy (3);


The remaining 3 credits must be taken in upper-division Latin. Students may fulfill this requirement either by taking LATN 4100 a second time (provided a different author is studied) or by taking 3 credits of LATN 4930 (Directed Readings in Latin Poetry and Prose Authors). In order to receive teaching certification in Latin, students must also pass the Latin PRAXIS exam, as well as successfully complete the STEP (Secondary Teacher Education Program) as part of their major.




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