Amicitia (Friendship)

Any number of players may form an amicitia (formal friendship or alliance with one another). Amicitiae may involve any number of players who meet in a region and agree upon the terms of the amicitia. Each amicus in the amicitia may or may not make a formal declaration of amicitia before Juno, binding the amicitia with a divine oath. Players whose amicitiae have been blessed by Juno may engage together as a group in proelia. Amici may offer something for the general benefit of the amicitia, including suffragia, classes, legiones and Denarii. No individual player in an amicitia may be in possession or command of more than ten (10) legiones at any time. Any amicus found in possession or command of more than ten (10) legiones will be subject to confiscation of any legiones in excess of ten.

The Nature of an Amicitia

Amici who choose to combine resources must agree upon a common goal. If, for instance, two imperatores wish to attack a common foe, they may wish to form an amicitia. In such a case, one of the amici could take their combined votes to Rome and vote during a hiems, while the other prepares to move their combined legiones towards their common foe. In the motus preceding the next aestas, they would then meet up again in the provincia/regnum where the foe is and fight collectively against him.

If an amicitia dissolves, the ownership of the properties which the amici have handed over in the course of forming or maintaining their amicitia is determined as follows:

  • to reclaim his own suffragia, an amicus may request at any time from Mercury, or any numen during an aestas, to seek out the amicus who has them and to deliver them back to the original owner
  • to reclaim classes, an amicus must be in the same region with the player in possession of those classes who must return them upon request
  • to reclaim Denarii and legiones, an amicus must be in the same region with the player who is in possession of those Denarii and legiones and that player may or may not choose to return them

The betrayal of an amicus may incur not only the displeasure of those betrayed but also that of Juno who may choose to express her displeasure with that player in public, especially to other numina including her husband Juppiter, if any of them is willing to listen to her.


Choose your friends carefully, your enemies will choose you.

Yassir Arafat