Patroni et Clientes (Patrons and Clients)

Becoming a Cliens

Any mortal player, except a matrona, can become the cliens (client) of a patronus (patron) under the following circumstances:

  • if the loser of a proelium is left without any legiones, he becomes "unprotected," and the winner may choose to execute the loser or take on the loser as a cliens, in which case the winner becomes a patronus; alternatively, the winner may simply abandon him to his fate;
  • if an imperator/rex encounters an “unprotected” player and chooses to take on that player as a cliens;
  • if an "unprotected" player voluntarily seeks the protection of an imperator/rex.

The Nature of being a Patronus

Patroni must be imperatores/reges. If they lose all their legiones, their clientes are released from service. It is the obligation of a patronus to protect his cliens/tes from rival imperatores/reges in return for beneficial services such as voting in Rome in the behalf of their patroni. At his peril, however, the patronus may ignore this obligation. If, however, the patronus leaves the cliens behind in any region, the cliens is free to resume playing the Game as an independent agent and work for or against his former patronus. If a patronus is displeased with a cliens and has legiones present, he may execute the cliens.

The Nature of being a Cliens

Any money belonging to a cliens must be turned over to a patronus at any time the patronus demands it. The cliens must remain with his patronus as long as the patronus chooses to take the cliens along with him as he moves about. The region where they move must have available seating for the patronus and his cliens/clientes. The patronus may take the cliens with him to Rome during a hiems, in which case the patronus may compel the cliens to vote as the patronus wishes. A cliens may have multiple patroni and may not be executed by any one of them (including Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus) if another is present with his legiones and chooses to protect the cliens. The patronus who most recently took on a cliens has priority in dictating the movements and obligations of that cliens.

Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus and Bacchants

Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus may have clientes called bacchants. Players facing death may appeal to Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus to rescue them and make them bacchants. If there is no available seating in the provincia/regnum where Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus reside at present, a player cannot become a bacchant. However, Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus may move to a region with available seating in order to accommodate the prospective bacchant. Once players become bacchants, Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus will give them a mitra (bacchic headband) to wear. When traveling between regions, bacchants are encouraged to perform foreign dances.

Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus have the power of life and death over bacchants and makes all choices for them, including whom and when to fight. Dionysus and his bacchants must move according to the rules of the Game, i.e. where seating is available for the entire thiasos (bacchic band), traveling overseas only if all bacchants have classes, etc., though Dionysus can carry their legiones for them. If at any time Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus abandon a bacchant, that player is "liberated" from the god's control and is free to resume playing the Game at will. Dionysus/Ariadne/Silenus may not reclaim a liberated bacchant, unless the player faces death again and makes a new appeal to the god.


We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.