Legiones (Legions)

Legiones are used in combat; one die represents one legio.

Legio Curialis (Senatorial Legion) 200,000 Denarii
Legio CurialisThey are represented by a white die and may be owned only by imperatores. They are given at the beginning of the Game, or may be purchased from the Fates or transferred to an imperator by the vote of the Senate. Reges may not possess a legio curialis; if a rex captures a legio curialis in battle, he must pay the Fates 200,000 Denarii to convert it to a legio clientarum or forfeit it to the deity overseeing the battle.



Legio Clientarum (Client Legion) 400,000 Denarii
They are represented by a red die and may be owned by imperatores and reges. They are assigned to reges at the beginning of the Game or may be purchased by an imperator or rex from a numen.



Legio Ultrix (Vengeance Legion)
They are represented by special dice (black dice for imagines; large dice for Mars/Phobos/Deimos). They can be owned only by Mars and imagines who acquire them upon death from Pluto/Persephone.




Note: No individual player may own or control more than ten (10) legiones (curiales/clientarum) at one time. An imago may own only one (1) legio ultrix. A numen who apprehends a player in possession of more than ten (10) legiones may at will confiscate all legiones over ten.


Classes (Fleets) 300,000 Denarii

Classes are used in transporting legiones and delegates overseas. They are represented by blue cards. Classes allow a player to move directly between any regions, except Germania and Parthia. One classis can transport only one legio at a time and/or any number of players during a movement phase. Classes may be transferred to other players at any time or willed to a heres (heir) upon death and do not have to be returned upon request.

Denarii (Money)

Denarii are used to purchase legiones and classes. They may be transferred to other players at any time and do not have to be returned upon request. They come in three (3) denominations:

  • a white chip represents 100,000 D
  • a red chip represents 500,000 D
  • a blue chip represents 1,000,000 D


Suffragia (Votes)

Suffragia are used in voting during a senatus consultum. Suffragia are unalienable but can be temporarily transferred to amici and must be returned to their original owner immediately upon request. They may be transferred permanently only upon death to a heres..


Dos (Dowry)

A Dos is used to formalize nuptiae and are represented by a yellow card. The face value of a dos varies according to individual matronae. Upon the death of a matrona, her dos becomes the property of Juno.


Naves Longae (Warships) 3,000,000 Denarii or the equivalent

Naves longae are used only at the Battle of Actium. They are represented by a dark die.





Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.