Mercatus (Trading)


Types of Mercatus (Trading): There are two (2) types of mercatus:

  • Commutatio: bartering between players
  • Emptio: buying legiones/classes

Commutatio (Bartering)

Foreign numina (Tyr, Wotan, Isis, Mithras, Tanit) oversee commutationes and may witness or formalize the exchange. The terms of commutationes are up to the individual players. The following items may be bartered: legiones clientarum and classes. Players may not trade or sell legiones curiales or suffragia. All players engaged in commutationes must be present in the same region.

Emptio Legionum (Purchasing Legiones)

Designated numina oversee emptio legionum. Legiones curiales may be purchased only from certain Olympian gods (Juppiter, Juno, Minerva, Apollo, Diana) at the designated cost (200,000 D). Legiones clientarum may be purchased only from certain foreign numina (Tyr, Wotan, Isis, Mithras, Tanit) at the designated cost (400,000 D).

Emptio Classium (Purchasing Classes)

Sea-gods (Neptune/Amphitrite/Oceanus) sell classes. Classes may not be bartered, bought or sold in Parthia or Germania.

The Nature of Emptio

Any numen in possession of any saleable property must sell it to any mortal player with sufficient funds who is permitted to buy that property. Numina may not purchase properties from other numina, including the Fates. The only way for numina to come into possession of legiones is to win them during a proelium, capture them at sea, or confiscate them. Players may purchase saleable properties at any time except during a proelium, i.e. from the issuing of a flagitatio until the proelium is concluded. Players may determine the availability of properties by any means of communication.

Juventas. Juventas restores youth and vigor to chosen mortals. She may give mortals properties or Denarii which she has requested and procured from numina.

Money, not morality, is the principal commerce of civilized nations.

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