Once during each hiems, any player wintering in a provincia/regnum may collect tributum from a numen, if one is in residence. A numen who has Denarii and is residing in a provincia/regnum during a hiems may not refuse tributum to any mortals inhabiting the region. Every numen inhabiting any provincia/regnum must pay the full tributum to each player in residence. If the numen or numina do not have enough Denarii to pay everyone in the region the full tribute owed, it is up to the numen to decide which player to pay. Any player who goes to Rome to vote in the Senate cannot collect tributum. Imagines may reduce the amount of tributum a player collects. In the case of partial tributum, imagines have priority over mortal players.

Provinciae/regna yield variable levels of tributum, as follows:

Sicily, Egypt

300,000 D

Asia Minor, North Italy, Parthia

200,000 D

Greece, Gaul, Spain, Syria, South Italy, Mauretania

100,000 D

Germania, Rome






Instauratio Tributi ("Repetition of Tribute"). The Fates may issue an edict compelling the repetition of tribute collection. This may be repeated twice in any hiems. When this happens, imagines may garnish tributum each instauratio.


We prefer war in all cases to tribute under any form and to any people whatever.

Thomas Jefferson