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Faculty Advisory Committee

The Connections Faculty Advisory Committee determines the structure, content, objectives, and assignments of the Connections course. It hires new instructors and leads the training process. The Connections syllabus is approved and academic oversight is provided by the Connections sub-committee of the general education sub-committee, which reports to the Educational Policies Committee.

Committee Members

  • Lisa Hancock - Director, Student Orientation and Transition Services

    797-1125 |
  • Maureen Hearns - Associate Professor; Director, Music Therapy Program

    797-3009 |
  • Heidi Kesler - Retention Specialist

    797-8087 |
  • Dawn Kirby - Sr. Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Chair, General Education Sub-Committee

    797-9856 |
  • Harrison Kleiner - Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies

    797-2388 |
  • Dennis Kohler - Director, Academic Success Center

    797-0215 |
  • Matthew Sanders - Associate Professor, Communication Studies

    797-8409 |
  • Denise Stewardson - Director, Utah Agriculture in the Classroom (USU Extension)

    797-1592 |