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Nominate a book for the Common Literature Program

Do you have a favorite book that you think all Connections students, the Utah State campus and local communitywould enjoy and benefit from reading? The Common Literature Committee is seeking nominations of book titlesthat fit the USU 1010 course objectives, the target audience, and selection criteria.

The Connections objectives are central to everything we do in the USU 1010 course. Many books fit the Connections objectives, and also provide excellent talking points for instructors and students as they make the transition to Utah State

Target Audience: Recent high school graduates reading on their own, in the summer, without the benefit of classroom instruction.


  • Is no more than 350 pages. Books of exceptional quality that exceed this limit may still be considered.
  • Be readable, relevant, engaging and well-written.
  • Opens a host of ideas and affords both students and local community members opportunities for discussion.
  • Is engaging for students to read independently because it is directly or indirectly relevant to a student's experiences.
  • Is conducive to teaching and learning, and offers opportunities for integration into academic programs.
  • Lend itself to a variety of activities and programming.
  • Preferred: Has available multimedia related to the book, author, or theme that can enrich the literature experience.

The nomination deadline for the 2019 selection is November 9, 2018.