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Making a Licensed Use of a Copyrighted Work

Often, the best way to avoid copyright infringement is to make a licensed use of a work. The Merrill-Cazier Library facilitates this practice by licensing access to several thousand electronic journals, books, and databases for non-commercial, educational use by current Utah State University faculty, staff, and students. [NOTE: It is also possible to license access to other materials by simply obtaining or paying for permission for their use.]

Generally speaking, providing links to licensed content (e.g., from Blackboard, library reserves, online syllabi, course or departmental webpages) is the simplest way to provide authorized access to online content.

Content already licensed for use by our campus community and available for linking:

While you are free to link to the content above, prohibited actions include:

  • Downloading complete issues of electronic journals
  • Transmitting content to mailing lists or re-posting content on websites without permission
  • Sharing access mechanisms (you're A# and strong password) or content with friends, family, or colleagues who are not affiliated with Utah State University
  • Copying, reselling, or redistributing licensed content
  • Making any commercial or non-educational use of the content
  • Employing any kind of open-proxy or other technology to facilitate access to these resources outside the USU network

Knowingly breaking these general rules may be a violation of USU Policy 550, The Appropriate Use of Computing, Networking, and Information Resources and Policy 327.3. Any of the above actions can jeopardize not only your own use, but also potentially cause the entire university community to lose access to the compromised resource.

Each licensed resource may have more detailed terms regarding its use. For questions on the permitted uses of any specific resource or how to use or provide links to these materials, please contact Jennifer Duncan at