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Using Text in Teaching

Fair Use guidelines determine how much of a work you can use in a course without obtaining copyright permissions. For books, articles, and other textual materials, fair use regulations apply whether you are using the material in a face-to-face class, on course reserves or within the course management system.

  • If the library subscribes to a journal in electronic format, you can link to any articles in the journal.
  • If the library only subscribes to a journal in print, the library's Course Reserves group will scan a maximum of one issue of a journal and up to one chapter of a book. It is the responsibility of the instructor to conduct a fair use analysis or obtain copyright permissions for any materials being put on course reserves or in the course management system.

The University of Maryland University College has a useful outline of how fair use applies to copying text for classroom use: "See What Can Be Copied," "What Should Be Avoided" and "When is Permission Required."

If you want to include more articles, book chapters, or other text than is allowed within fair use, Academic Publishing at the USU Bookstore can create a course packet for your class. Academic Publishing obtains copyright clearance for your course packs, and the cost of the course packs charged to your students is no more than the cost of the copyright fees the bookstore obtained for the course pack. For distance education and regional campuses, students can have course packs mailed to them. For more information, contact Academic Publishing at 435-797-2742 or