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Former Interns

Of our 51 past intern graduates, 25 came from Counseling Psychology, 24 from Clinical Psychology, and two from Combined Clinical/Counseling programs. After completing their internships they found positions as follows: 12 in university counseling centers, nine in community mental health, 11 in private agencies, nine accepted Postdoctoral fellowship positions, eight accepted faculty positions and two accepted positions in other areas.

Recent Past Interns


  • Chelsea Klentz-Davis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • John Dehlin, Utah State University
  • Brittany Melvin-Joslyn, Florida State University


  • Erika Hinds, University of Oregon
  • Laura Klubben, University of British Columbia
  • Laura Graves-O'Haver, Southern Illinois University


  • Courtney Henry, Utah State Unversity
  • Susan Killel, Xavier University
  • Ian MacFarlane, University of Minnesota
  • Trisha Nash, University of Memphis


  • Eric Everson, Marquette University
  • Merly Mathew, Oklahoma State University
  • Matt Reiser, Brigham Young University
  • Tom Roskos, University of North Dakota


  • Justin Barker, Loyola University
  • AJ Grovert, Pacific University
  • Jake Jones, Indiana State University


  • Leon Butler, Auburn University
  • Chris Chapman, Brigham Young University
  • Holly Serrao, University of Albany


  • Jodie Benabe-Matz, Phillips Graduate Institute
  • Anna Mae Jorgensen, Brigham Young University
  • Larry Kuhn, Azusa Pacific