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CAPS Workshops

By attending CAPS workshops you will be exposed to a variety of skills to help improve your quality of life and relationships. You are welcome to attend all the workshops or pick and chose the ones you are most interested in. Workshops are FREE and will be held in CAPS Group room(s). For details see Related Links, left column. Seating is limited. Contact us at 797-1012 or stop by TSC306 to reserve your seat.

If you have ideas for other workshops please let us know. If we have enough interest we may be able to initiate another workshop.

QPR Training – Helping Students Find Hope

Training in suicide awareness has become a priority on campus as we strive to identify and serve students who have lost the will to live. QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) has been designed for any individual to notice those in need and direct them to help. With video presentation, power point slides, handouts and role play, participants will practice the skill of asking sensitive questions and responding with confidence to those experiencing emotional distress. Ideas for fostering hope will be shared and resource materials will be provided.

Behaving Consciously

Learn cognitive and behavioral techniques to help consciously choose behaviors consistent with your values. The workshop will be an interactive experience focused on researched approaches to impulse control. Content will be broadly applicable to drugs/alcohol, sex, pornography, exercise, procrastination, etc.

Effective Coping

This workshop is designed to help students cope more effectively with the challenges of college life while they prepare for counseling. The first part surveys common concerns and presenting issues, as well as a model for reviewing thoughts, feelings and needs. The second part introduces and provides practice for value clarification and basic behavior change to help students cope. Participants will be encouraged to read brief articles and keep a one page journal of change.

Getting the Most out of Your Sleep

Learn how to deal with sleep problems as well as manage your sleep to get the most rest from the time you have.

Healthy and Happy

This workshop will focus on helping to understand how to make and stick to lifestyle changes like healthy eating and exercise. Explore the problems with short-term fixes and why lifestyle changes are so tricky to maintain. This workshop will help connect with why we want to make changes, explore barriers and past challenges, and develop skills to support a healthy mind and healthy body.

Healthy Sexuality Workshop - 6 Sessions

You can attend any one session or all six.
What is healthy Sexuality? In this series of workshops, you will explore what healthy sexuality means for YOU: both the physical and the emotional. People from all backgrounds, experience levels, and belief systems are welcome: currently partnered or not, sexually active, waiting for marriage, doesn't matter. If you want to know more about intimacy, and more about your own wants, needs, or boundaries - OR if you want to learn more about effectively communicating those wants, needs and boundaries to potential sexual partner(s), this workshop is for you! Sessions include: 1) Anatomy and the Sexual Response Cycle, 2) Safer Sex Practices, 3) Communication, 4) Sex and Emotion, 5) Getting to Know Your "Wants" and "Don't Wants", 6) Preventing Unwanted Experiences.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Learn ways to problem-solve in interpersonal relationships, including basic assertiveness, ways to maintain the relationship without sacrificing your slefrespect, and determining/achieving goals and changes in any given situation. You will identify factors that might help or hinder your effectiveness in interpersonal interactions, as well as ways to address these factors with specific skills.

Joy of Depression

This workshop is designed to help participants understand the role of pain in signaling the need for change and encourages students to shift their focus from limitations to possibilities. The five dimensions of well being will be explored in concert with the value of mood states, even sadness. Participants will engage in "three good things" exercises and will explore the benefits of promoting well-being.

Lasting Relationships-Guidelines for Building Better Connections With the Ones You Love - 2 Sessions

This two-part workshop is for individuals and couples who are interested in learning new ways to build more satisfying relationships and strengthen communication skills. We will cover the following topics: personal rights in relationships; parameters of healthy relationships; principles for maintaining long-lasting relationships; effective communication; and tips on fighting fair. Participants will benefit most from attending both parts of the workshop.

Letting Go - Dealing with Loss

In order to help students who have lost a relationship (parent, spouse or friend) due to death, divorce or separation, this workshop is designed to facilitate the process of rebuilding. Stages of grief will be reviewed, as well as the core tasks of dealing with denial, fear, loneliness and guilt.
Students will address anger, worth and transition so they are more open to letting go, trusting and finding purpose tn their present situation. Remembering the important lessons learned from the relationship and celebrating the positive memories will be balanced with the opportunity to manage the frustration and disappointment associated with loss, especially premature or unexpected loss.

Making it Through Hard Times

Learn skills to cope better with painful situations and overwhelming emotions.

Managing ADHD

This workshop is set to help students learn skills to maintain attention and focus, both in academics and in their personal lives. Attendees will learn skills that will help them improve their attention, listening skills, learning strategies, and scheduling in order to make their lives easier and more organized.

Mindfulness - 4 Sessions

Attendance is required at first session to be able to continue. This four session experiential workshop will help participants learn mindfulness skills for managing stress and living more fully in the present moment. Participants will be introduced to the concept of mindfulness, and a variety of activities related to mindfulness meditation, including the body scan, sitting meditation, and walking meditation. Participants' experiences with mindful awareness and mindfulness activities will be discussed, and suggestions for daily practice will be provided.


From earliest childhood, we establish a fixed or growth mindset. Those who foster a fixed mindset believe their abilities are limited and worry excessively about meeting the expectations of others, living in fear of judgment. They under perform due to perfectionism and anxiety and avoid or make excuses. Those with a growth mindset believe anything is possible with effort. They are willing to take healthy risks and view challenges as opportunities. They perform to their ability and often exceed the expectations of others, but aren't afraid to fail, viewing mistakes as key to learning.
This workshop will outline the characteristics of the growth mindset; provide examples from academics, the arts, athletics and business; and summarize activities conducive to the development of such a perspective.

Navigating a Crisis of Faith - 5 Sessions

This five-session workshop is designed to assist participants who are struggling with their religious identity and beliefs. All forms of religious affiliation/non-affiliation and and belief/non-belief are welcome. Concepts to be discussed include: 1) The causes, costs and benefits of both faith and doubt, 2) The importance of identity exploration and the common stages of faith/belief, 3) Morality and the religious/spiritual distinction, 4) Coping effectively, and reconciling faith with science and difficult social issues, and 5) Finding support and communicating constructively with family and friends. Eash session will be 1/5 hour long, and will include a 30 minute presentation followed by a one hour group discussion.

Reinventing a Positive Body Image - 4 Sessions

This workshop is open only to females.
Participants do not need to be ready to commit to making changes, but they need to be willing to consider change. Are you struggling with a negative body image? Are you dissatisfied with your body? Are you preoccupied about appearance? Does your body image control your behaviors? This 4-session workshop is designed to help you build a more loving relationship with your body. Through discussions and experiential activities, you will learn about socio-cultural impact on your body image, examine your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors connected to a negative body image, and start making changes to reinvent a positive body image.


College can be a very stressful time to be a student for many reasons. To be successful, students need well developed skills to manage their stress in addition to just taking time to relax. In this workshop, you will learn some basic ideas about taking care of yourself and specific exercises you can practice to reduce the wear and tear that stress has on your mind and body. You will have the opportunity to experience these exercises as part of this workshop as well as discuss ways to integrate these techniques into your daily life.

Social Skills

Learn communication, assertiveness, and social skills and ways to increase your support system.

Stress Management and Wellness

This workshop is designed to help participants understand and manage their stress better, learn and practice a variety of stress management and relaxation skills, and develop a wellness plan.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Come discover your inner animal at this workshop exploring the benefits of nature. We will discuss why we need animals, plants and landscapes in our lives and then practice how to be more in tune with our surroundings, including living things both big and small. A therapy dog will be present to assist in our practice.

The Art of Happiness

Promoting well being is an alternate version of helping. Focusing on happiness rather than depression shifts the energy in one's life toward growth. This workshop teaches the principles associated with personal improvement so students can evolve from a pleasant life to a meaningful life. Through group discussion, film illustration, and workshop exercises students discover the art of possibility.


This workshop will help participants increase their awareness of how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence each other and impact well-being. Skills related to effectively modifying thoughts, utilizing emotions, and choosing behaviors will be discussed and practiced.

Understanding Emotions

Learn skills for understanding your emotions better and being able to use your emotions as a resource instead of being controlled by them.