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International Studies, BA

Department: Political Science Department
College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

International Studies

About This Degree

The international studies program addresses the global problems of security, development, ethnic conflict, and human rights, as well as problems relating to the environment and natural resources. Courses in international studies cultivate the development of language and intercultural skills, help students develop an understanding of global problems and circumstances, and expands each student’s capacity to make informed judgments regarding complex international and global issues.

With its theoretical models and real-world applications, international studies is an exciting and highly relevant interdisciplinary major. The department is home to diverse faculty members who all have a wide range of international experiences and who are highly committed to both teaching and research. Student have the opportunity to enhance their international education by participating in an international experience or an internship relevant to international studies.

To receive this degree, students must gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages.

Students must choose to focus in one of the following areas:

  • World Economy and Development: Students study the development of cities and societies as well as the economics, marketing, managing, trading, and culture of businesses throughout the world.
  • Peace and Security: This area helps students understand the history, government, politics, foreign policies, and security policies of powerful countries. Students understand these and other issues that pertain to international security and keeping peace.   
  • Global Environment and Natural Resources: Students learn the importance that natural resources have on our global environment, development, economics, ethics, history, and culture. 
  • Peoples and Nations: With this track, students study the anthropology of religion, race, medicine, and gender. Students also study the history, politics, and culture of individual countries, as well as their human, populational, and regional geography.


  • BA - Logan Campus

With a degree in international studies, students can pursue the following careers:

  • International relations specialist
  • Humanitarian relief worker
  • Training and development (training employees from companies who are going to be working abroad)
  • Public affairs coordinator
  • Foreign services official
  • Diplomat

Career Services provides counseling and information on hundreds of job and internship opportunities and even helps students apply and interview.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to Utah State University’s admissions requirements, the international studies program has additional requirements:

  • Freshmen: New freshmen admitted to USU in good standing qualify for admission to this major.
  • Transfer students: Transfer students from other institutions or from other USU majors need a 2.5 total GPA for admission to this major in good standing.

International students have additional admissions requirements.

Major Requirements

Click here to see course requirements for the Bachelor of Arts.

Each student must complete a senior research project. This project must fit within the focus area chosen by the student.

In addition to the senior research project, students must also complete an international experience component. The student may choose a traditional study abroad experience in an accredited program or choose an internship. The internship must have a clear international focus and be supervised by a faculty member.


All new USU students participate in a New Student Orientation program, where they receive detailed information about major requirements, registering for classes, and other important advising information.

Colin Flint
Office: Main 320B
Phone: (435) 797-5962
Email: colin.flint@usu.edu

Professional Organizations, Honor Societies, and Clubs

American Political Science Association: This is the leading professional organization for the study of political science and serves members in more than 80 countries. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments, and institutions, APSA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors within and outside academe in order to expand awareness and understanding of politics.

Phi Alpha Theta: This professional society has a mission to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians.

Pi Sigma Alpha: This national political science honor society is the only honor society for college students of political science and government in the United States. There are hundreds of chapters of Pi Sigma Alpha located on college and university campuses in every state of the United States and in Guam.

College Democrats Club: This is a branch of College Democrats of America. The goal of this national organization is to work on college campuses to engage students in local, state, and national issues and elections. Students volunteer on campaigns, hold informational meetings, and club socials on a regular basis where they discuss and share information on policy issues, candidates running for office, and local issues on campus. 

College Republicans Club: This is a branch of College Republicans of America. The goal of this national organization is to work on college campuses to engage students in local, state, and national issues and elections. Students volunteer on campaigns, hold informational meetings, and club socials on a regular basis where they discuss and share information on policy issues, candidates running for office, and local issues on campus.

Labs, Centers, Research

With the second oldest undergraduate research program in the nation, USU offers students a wide range of opportunities to gain hands-on research experience. The Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities program allows students to apply for grants and receive funding. USU’s Honors Program prepares students for excellent graduate programs by helping them build relationships with professors, participate in research projects, take smaller, more intensive classes, and develop leadership skills.

Institute of Government and Politics: IOGP aims to enhance understanding of government institutions and the political process by providing opportunities that bridge practical skills and academic training. The nonpartisan IOGP engages students, faculty, political and community leaders, and citizens in the discussion of policy development through its internship program, visiting speakers, seminars, and policy forums.

Project on Liberty and American Constitutionalism: The project's mission is to explore the meaning of liberty in the American constitutional system, with specific emphasis on the founders' commitment to limited and responsible government that promotes individual liberty, free markets, and a strong national defense. The goal of the project is to produce publications that examine these issues and to enhance the educational opportunities for interested Utah State students.

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