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Communication Studies: MA, MS

Communication Studies

The Masters' degree in Communication Studies is a face-to-face program focused on understanding how communication in human interaction can build relationships that enact positive interpersonal, organizational, and social change. Graduates of this program will be able to apply their skills and disseminate their knowledge in ways that enable greater collaboration and cooperation in a variety of contexts, whether they enter the workforce upon graduation or enroll in a Ph.D. program.

This degree will:

  • enhance your personal career objectives by preparing you to advance in careers that highly value communication skills in managing conflict, building cooperative relationships and teams, and facilitating positive change.
  • train you to impart the knowledge you gain to others through teaching opportunities and community engagement.

Visit the program website to learn more about this degree.

Admission Requirements

  • Transcript
  • GRE scores
  • Three letters of recommendation
    Submission of three letters of recommendation. The letters may be submitted by anyone, but we are primarily interested in references that can comment on your academic ability.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Scholarly writing sample
    Any academic work is acceptable. We are particularly interested in being able to see your ability to understand, analyze, and write on communication concepts.
  • Application letter.
    In your letter, please address 1) how your academic and life experiences have prepared you for graduate work in Communication Studies and 2) how our focus on building relationships that enact positive interpersonal, organizational, and social change might assist you with future plans. A 1000-word limit.
  • Minimum GPA: 3.2

Application Deadline

February 15th

Admission Deadlines

February 15th

Nicole Allen, PhD, University of Nebraska
Assistant Professor
Office: LUNDBERG 201

Clair Canfield, MA, University of Montana
Area: Conflict, forgiveness, pedagogy.
Office: Main 002G
Phone: (435)797-7691

Tim Curran, PhD, University of Georgia
Assistant Professor
Area: Intergenerational transmissions of communication skills and mental/physical health; Family communication climates; Cognitive flexibility and overall well-being
Office: LUNDBERG 204
Phone: (435) 797-4204

Jason Gilmore, PhD, University of Washington
Assistant Professor
Area: National identity discourse (e.g. American exceptionalism), presidential discourse at the international and transnational levels, effects of global discourse on cognition and public opinion, communicating human difference.
Office: LUNDBERG 206
Phone: (435) 797-7692

Bradford Hall, PhD, Univesity of Washington
Department Head, Professor
Area: Cultural identity, narratives, communication theory, discourse analysis, the role of memory and membership in intercultural conflicts
Office: MAIN 204A
Phone: (435) 797-8757

Mollie Murphy, PhD, University of Georgia
Assistant Professor
Area: Rhetorical criticism and theory, social movements, gender, environmental advocacy, race and racism.
Office: Lundberg 203

Jen Peeples, PhD, University of Washington
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Area: Environmental Rhetoric, visual rhetoric, toxins, fossil fuel industries, and climate change.
Office: MAIN 213
Phone: (435) 797-7440

Kaitlin Phillips, PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Assistant Professor
Area: Interplay between family and personal identity.
Office: Main 069B
Phone: (435) 797-4202

Matthew Sanders, PhD, University of Colorado - Boulder
Associate Professor
Area: Communication Pedagogy, Nonprofit Organizations.
Office: Main 202C
Phone: (435) 797-8409

John Seiter, PhD, University of Southern California - Los Angeles
Area: Social Influence, Hospitality, Nonverbal Communication
Office: MAIN 308
Phone: (435) 797-0138


Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies Department


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Academic Advising

Jen Peeples
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Office: MAIN 213
Phone: (435) 797-7440

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