About us

The Deaf Education Student Association (DESA) is a student organization focused on preparing professionals who plan to work with Deaf children or Deaf adults in their future careers. DESA offers professional workshops that benefit students in a variety of majors as well as professionals in the community.

DESA is a networking organization providing vital contacts between students in training and professionals who are working in deaf-related fields. Many of the workshops provide skill development for teachers, parent advisors, interpreters,  speech language pathologists, audiologists, and others, offering CEH and CEU credits necessary for professional individuals to maintain current certification and licensure. DESA is a place for students to meet to discuss current issues in Deaf Education and deaf-related professions, as well as be involved in community service.

Students, from freshmen year through graduate should feel welcome to be involved in DESA regardless skill level in American Sign Language. Fun Activities and meetings are conducted in ASL, but English interpreters are provided as necessary.