ASL Club

Why should you join the ASL Club?

Advantages of joining the club:

  • Cool Membership Card
  • Save over $20 per semester
    • Get into our regular activities FREE!
    • Discounts on all of our community events.
    • Special discounted rates on ourĀ  Silent Saturday and Silent Weekend
  • Each of our activities counts as a Deaf interaction for your class
  • Additional special opportunities as they arise
  • You can buy a really cool ASL Club T-shirt at a great discount.
  • LOTS of GREAT PRACTICE in non-classroom signing environment
  • You can have FUN FUN FUN ! ! ! !

We are happy you have shown interest in ASL Club, now it is time you join us!
ASL Club entrance fees: $20.00 for the entire year or $12.00 per semester

If you want to learn sign language, then ASL classes at Utah State provide a great opportunity if you choose to get involved.

Membership fee