Our Mission:

ASL Club is an organization that is provided to improve sign language skills and deaf awareness to any person in our local community. We are here to provide opportunities for the hearing and the Deaf communities to communicate and socialize with one another in order to grow closer together.

Our goals for ASL Club are: to provide opportunities for people to improve their sign language skill, to learn about sign language, learn about and experience Deaf culture, and to show that sign language is a different language and a TRUE language. We are here to have FUN!!

ASL Club provides opportunities to help hearing people feel comfortable communicating and socializing with Deaf people.

At our activities it is our goal to only use ASL and keep our voices off as much as possible. This is because we believe that learning by immersion is the best method to learn true sign language. We generally have a game or a fun activity at which anyone can come. Sometimes we hold bigger events such as Deaf Joke night or “voices off” Thanksgiving dinner.