Block Meal Plans can be used in:

Cash Equivalency can be used in:



Plans: Price: Cash Equivalency: Savings over Marketplace Cash Price
25 Meals $197.50 $6.50 anytime 17%
50 Meals $382.50 $6.50 anytime 19%
75 Meals $555.00 $6.50 anytime 22%
What is Cash Equivalency?
New this year, Block Meal Plans now have a cash equivalency of $6.50 in all Dining Services retail operations and can now be used at Aggie Creamery.  There is no limit, they can be used as many times during the day as you would like.
Where can I buy?
Block Meal Plans can be purchased in person at the USU Card Office (TSC 212), over the phone (435) 797-3852 or (888) 878-3287, or online.  Click Here to Purchase.
Who can buy a Block Meal Plan?
Anyone can.  Students, faculty, staff and the community.  They are a great way to buy lunch for your department and save money.  **Residents of the Living Learning Community, Mountain View Tower, Valley View Tower, Richards Hall, and Bullen Hall are required to purchase a Traditional Meal Plan.
Do I get a separate card?
Yes and No.  If you do not currently have a meal plan on your USU ID card, then the Block Meal Plan will be put directly on it.  If you already have a Traditional Meal Plan or have no USU ID card, then a separate card will be issued.  After each swipe the cashier can tell you how many meals you have left.
Can my friends or department members use my meal plan?
Yes.  This meal plan can be used by anyone you choose.  It is also a great way for departments to pay for meals and get great savings over retail pricing.  NOTE: If using any ID card the cardholder must be present.
Do my meals expire?
No.  Meals are on your card until they are used.  This means you can keep them from semester to semester or year to year.

More questions?

Contact the Dining Services Office at (435) 797-1701.