Traditional Meal Plans

All Utah State University students who reside in residence halls without in-suite kitchen facilities are required to purchase what is called a

Traditional Meal Plan

2014-2015 School Year

Allotted Meals Per Week Cost
(per semester)
Cash Equivalency Guest Passes
(per semester)
7 Meals per week $960.00 n/a n/a
10 Meals per week $1,330.00 YES 2 per semester
15 Meals per week $1,640.00 YES 2 per semester
20 Meals per week $1,850.00 YES 2 per semester

The Traditional Meal Plan can be used at  the following the

Dining Service Locations:

Located on the 2nd floor of the Taggart Student Center


The following is important information about the Traditional Meal Plan options.

Allotted Meals Per Week
The amount of meals is dependent upon the resident hall in which the student lives in.The meals per week allowance let's you enjoy "all you care to eat" dining in Aggie Marketplace and The Junction. You receive a set number of meals per week, based on the meal plan you select. With each swipe of your card a full meal is reduced from your weekly meal balance. Meals reset every Saturday morning to the per week amount.

Cash Equivalency
The 10, 15, and 20 meals per week options include Cash Equivalency. Cash Equivalency is a per diem of $6.50 good towards any meal that can be used in the following dining locations:  The Hub Food Court, The Quadside Cafe, The Artists Block Cafe & Bakery, and Luke's Cafe on the Quad. Cash Equivalencies work by swiping your ID card.  Purchases over the $6.50 amount are to be paid by you at the time of purchase. If the purchase is under the allotted amount it will still take the full $6.50 swipe off. With Traditional Meal Plans, Cash Equivalency only works once per day.

Guest Passes

Guest passes allow residents to purchase a meal for friends, family, or other guests. Resident must be present to use the guest passes.