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One Time Diversity Council Grant Awards

General Information on One Time Grant Awards

One time Diversity Council Grant Awards exist to support events or programs on Utah State University’s campus which advance diversity, equity, inclusion, cultural competence, multiculturalism, and social justice. One time award requests can be as little as $100 and are capped at $1,000. Funds can be used for a speaking honorarium, performances, travel, etc. relating to your overall proposal. In order for your proposal to receive funding:

  • The event must take place within the next nine months or before the end of the fiscal year (June 30), whichever is first;
  • The request for Diversity Council funds must be central to the purpose of the event;
  • The sponsoring unit must be able to utilize the Diversity Council’s logo in a public capacity;
  • The applicant must provide:
    • A budget;
    • A timeline;
    • A publicity plan; and
    • An intended audience, including the number of estimated participants.

Proposals should explain in detail how the proposed project or event supports the goals and objectives of the Utah State University Diversity Council. Preference will be given to proposals that include:

  • Cosponsorships with other campus or community units;
  • Matching monies rather than matching time and effort of at least 25%; and/or
  • Events and programs that involve large numbers of people.

Grant Award Procedures

If funds are granted, they will be available as a reimbursement to your department or organization’s index, upon submission of a valid expenditure. You will be notified of the Diversity Council’s decision within one week of the meeting at which they consider your application. One week prior to your event or program’s start, you must notify the Diversity Council of its occurrence. The Diversity Council logo must be utilized on any print or online materials relating to your proposal. A final report will be due within 60 days of the completion of your event or program. Failure to submit a final report will result in rescission of allocations, required repayment, or both. Your final report must include:

  • Participating groups & attendance numbers
  • An accounting detailing how Diversity Council funds were spent
  • A narrative including a summary of the event(s) that took place, whether your goals for the proposal were met, and how your proposal’s implementation supported the Diversity Council’s goals and objectives
  • An evaluation of the success of your implemented proposal using some method of assessment


To submit a proposal, complete the application linked to below, and submit the application with a budget and timeline attached. Applications should be submitted one month and three days before the Diversity Council meeting preceding the event/program for which you require funds (e.g. If you have an event mid-February, you will want to submit an application three days before the Diversity Council’s January meeting. Meeting information is available in the events calendar on the left navigation menu). However, applications can be submitted at any time before that, up to nine months in advance.

One Time Grant Application