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Utah State University Diversity Council


Currently Underway

  1. Diversity Council Grant - A fund that offers grants to support diversity initiatives across the University system. Preference is given to initiatives that address critical, high-priority issues or needs related to improving the university climate.
  2. Diversify USU Workforce – An important objective related to improving the University climate is for us to do a better job of attracting (and, of course, retaining) a diverse work force.

Future Initiatives

  1. Annual and Ad-hoc University Climate Surveys – To identify university climate issues at USU by surveying diverse groups and individuals who are: a) currently employed at USU; b) recently left employment at USU; or c) do not accept offers of employment at USU. Survey information may inform the content of the Diversity Summit and likely which proposals are funded through the Diversity Council Grant.
  2. Diversity Summit – To create an annual, system-wide event to highlight issues and showcase diversity-related initiatives.