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Utah State University Diversity Council


The Diversity Council includes a maximum of fifteen members, ranging from an Admissions Office representative to an RCDE representative to the President of the Faculty Senate. Most of the members have permanent membership on the council. However, the council also provides a seat for a member of the Cache Valley community, with the actual member who fills that seat rotated periodically to ensure participation from various areas across the community. In addition, the group provides a seat for an ad-hoc member to participate in diversity issues that pertain to that particular constituency. For example, if the Diversity Council is asked to help address the issue of increasing the number of female students in our Engineering programs, the ad-hoc seat on the council would be filled for a period of time by an appropriate representative from the College of Engineering.

The members of the Diversity Council serve by assignment or invitation but do not receive any pecuniary remuneration from USU. USU employees may consider their service as part of their regular University responsibilities.