Disability Resource Center

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Prospective DRC Students

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is happy to consult with any USU student experiencing barriers to their education or to university life due to a diagnosed or suspected disability. Working with students, faculty, and university administration the DRC seeks to create equal and full access to all aspects of student life at USU. The following links will guide you to information that may be helpful as you begin to work with the DRC.

Getting Started: The Application Process

This page provides a step by step explanation of the application and intake process. If you are not yet working with the DRC find out how to set up services.

DRC Student Handbook

This handbook provides answers to most questions that new students have about the DRC. Please review the handbook to find out more about the DRC and how it may be useful to you.

Making the Transition From High School

Differences between k-12 services compared to the university are explained.

DRC Online Application

If you live outside of Cache Valley you may fill out an online application prior to your intake appointment (See Getting Started).

Documentation Guidelines

As part of the intake process you will need to demonstrate and/or document your disability. Here is an explanation of the documentation requirements.

Services Offered by the DRC

A list of accommodations that may be offered depending on your disability and course of study.

Campus Resources

These are additional campus resources that every student should be aware of in order to be most successful at USU.

Online Resources

Here are a few online resources that may be helpful for students with disabilities.

Disability Related Scholarships

The DRC has some scholarships. Learn about these scholarships as well as other scholarship resources.