Disability Resource Center

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Getting Started

The DRC Students with a disability who hope to use DRC services must complete the application process described below.

Step One: Contact the DRC for an intake.

Students desiring to receive services from the DRC may call 435-797-2444 or come into the office (University Inn, 101) to set an appointment with a counselor. Appointments for students living outside of Cache Valley may be conducted via phone or using Web-conferencing software.

Step Two: Fill out application and other paper work.

Prior to your intake appointment you will be asked to fill out an application and complete other paperwork. If you are coming into the office for your appointment please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to complete the paperwork. If you are conducting your intake via the phone or internet please fill out and submit our online application prior to your intake.

Step Three: Intake appointment.

During the intake appointment a DRC counselor will discuss with you your academic goals, your current academic standing and the barriers you may experiencing. All students who receive services from the DRC are required to demonstrate and/or document a disability (documentation guidelines) . If you already have documentation please bring it with you to your intake appointment, if not, options for obtaining documentation will be discussed during the intake appointment. If appropriate, accommodations may be discussed and set up during this appointment.

Step Four: Documentation.

If you were instructed get documentation please do so in keeping with with our documentation policies and it as soon as possible so that accommodations may be established. If you were referred for testing please make sure that a copy of your evaluation is forwarded to the DRC.

Step Five: Letter of eligibility.

Once the intake is complete and the presence of a disability has been established you will be sent a letter of eligibility stating that you qualify for DRC services.

Step Six: Accommodation appointment.

Using the information you provided during the intake and information found in your documentation your counselor will work with you to identify and establish appropriate accommodations.

Step Seven: DRC orientation.

All students will complete a 25-30 minute DRC orientation. The orientation will advise you of DRC policies, procedures and guidelines which will help you utilize your accommodations.

Step Eight: Student initiated review and implementation of services.

Students are responsible to communicate with their DRC counselor any problems or concerns that may arise related to classes or accommodations. It is the students responsibility to communicate with the DRC each semester regarding accommodations they hope to use.