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 USU Scientists Earn Gold for Top Journal Paper

Layne Coppock and Claudia Radel honored for work that has transformed lives in Africa and beyond.  Click HERE to read about their work.


Utah State University Researchers Julie Young and Kerry Jordan Contribute to a Landmark Study

Julie Young and Kerry Jordan contributed to a landmark, collaborative study on cognitive abilities related to brain-size by studying coyotes in Millville, UT.  Click HERE to read about their contribution.


USU Student Receives Prestigious Research Grant to Explore the Feasibility of Geothermal Power in Logan

Utah State University graduate student Blake Thomas is one of only five scholars in the nation to receive a competitive 2014 DEED (Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments) research grant from the American Public Power Association.  Click HERE to read about this project.


USU Scientists Discover a Link Between California's Drought and Global Warming

The Utah State University scientists involved in the study say they hope what they found can help them predict the next big weird winter.  Click HERE to read about the study.


USU Ecologist Dan MacNulty Finds Important Information in Wolf Study

Assistant Professor Dan MacNulty researches wolves and finds valuable management information.  He also published this work.  Click HERE to read about it.


USU Geneticist Zach Gompert Explores Parallel Evolution

Geneticist and Assistant Professor Zach Gompert finds interesting information on parallel evolution.  Click HERE to read about it.


USU Researcher Joe Wheaton Explores River Restoration Methods

Assistant Professor Joe Wheaton develops tools to make river restoration faster and less costly.  Click HERE to read about it.