Educational Policies Committee (EPC)

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EPC Membership for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

  • Larry Smith, Chair, Provost's Office
  • Ed Reeve, Agriculture
  • Kevin Olson, Art
  • Kelly Fadel, Business
  • Jared Schultz, Education and Human Services
  • Ed Reeve, Curriculum Subcommittee Chair
  • Scott Bates, Academic Standards Subcommittee Chair
  • Thomas Fronk, Engineering
  • Eddy Berry, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Karen Mock, Natural Resources
  • Richard Mueller, Science
  • Norm Jones, General Education Subcommittee Chair
  • Nathan Straight, Regional Campuses & Distance Education
  • Kacy Lundstrom, Libraries
  • Melanie Nelson, USU-Eastern
  • Scott DeBerard, Graduate Council
  • Derek Hastings, Graduate Studies Senator
  • Doug Fiefia, ASUSU President
  • Roland Squire, Staff (ex officio member)
  • Michele Hillard, Staff (ex officio member)