Educational Policies Committee (EPC)

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Curriculum Subcommittee

The Curriculum Subcommittee operates in support of the Educational Policy Committee implementing transparent policy in an expeditious manner. The Curriculum Subcommittee will review curricular matters, such as course changes, and forward the same to the Educational Policies Committee.

The Subcommittee shall consist of a representative from each college, appointed by the dean; one faculty representative from the libraries; two students, one from ASUSU executive council and one from the GSS; a faculty representative from the Graduate Council; the Chair of the General Education Subcommittee; and a faculty representative (vice provost or designee) from Regional Campuses and Distance Education. It is the responsibility of the voting members to represent their unit to the Subcommittee and to represent the Subcommittee to their unit. This includes informing their unit of deadlines, procedures, and upcoming actions. The term of office for student members shall be one year and shall coincide with the term of ASUSU and GSS officers. (Policy 402.12.6(5))