Educational Policies Committee (EPC)

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General Education Membership for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

  • Chair, Norman L. Jones, History
  • Secretary, Michele Hillard, Provost's Office
  • Agriculture Rep., Lee Rickords, Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences
  • Business Rep, Kathy Chudoba, Management Information Systems
  • Art Rep, Laura Gelfand, Art & Design
  • Education Rep., Shelley Lindauer, Family, Consumer and Human Development
  • Engineering Rep., Dean Adams, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • CHASS Rep., Dawn Kirby
  • Natural Resources Rep., Karen Mock
  • Science Rep., Dick Mueller
  • Provost's Office Rep., Larry Smith
  • Regional Campuses Rep., Robert Mueller
  • USU Eastern, Melanie Nelson, Arts and Sciences
  • Libraries Rep., Kacy Lundstrom, Reference Services
  • Student Rep., Douglas Fiefia, ASUSU President
  • Communications Literacy/Intensive, Rhonda Miller, Agriculture, ASTE
  • Quantitative Literacy/Intensive, Dan Coster, Science, Mathematics and Statistics
  • American Institutions, Daniel McInerney, CHASS, History
  • Creative Arts, Cindy Dewey, CCA, Music
  • Humanities, Brian McCuskey, CHASS, English
  • Life & Physical Sciences, Ryan Dupont, COE, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Social Sciences, Eddy Berry, CHASS, Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology
  • Ex-Officio, John Mortensen, Student Services
  • Ex-Officio, Stephanie Hamblin , University Advising
  • Ex-Officio, Mary Leavitt, CHASS Advising Center
  • Ex-Officio, Nicholas Morrison, Honors
  • Ex-Officio, Lezlie Park, CHASS, English