Snow Removal

LOAM/FM Director

Rob Reeder

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Facilities (FCLT) 106D

Physical Address:
1295 E 700 N
Facilities 104D
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UMC: 6600

Snow removal at USU

The USU Facilities department will make every effort to remove snow and ice from building entrances, sidewalks, parking lots, and intra campus roadways during and after a snow storm.  Snow removal will occur as follows:   Snow storms occurring after university business hours will be cleared starting at 4:00 AM on Monday through Friday.  On weekends and Holidays, crews will start clearing snow at 6:00 AM with the exception of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Snow accumulations occurring after 4:00 AM will be addressed as they occur.  However, parking lots will be cleared during non-business hours only in order to prevent damage to vehicles.  Access to handicapped parking will be cleared as needed.  Crews will be mobilized when snow accumulations reach more than one half inch on sidewalks and 2 inches on parking lots and roadways.

In the event where heavy snow accumulations occur during university business hours, snow removal efforts will be focused on select sidewalks and building access points.  This is to enable crews to maintain at least one clear path to each building. Click here to see a map of these routes.  Keep in mind, this may not be the route you normally take.  Once these routes are clear, and as the storm allows, crews will continue clearing snow throughout the remainder of campus. Many student housing areas are maintained by Housing Services and are subject to a different snow removal schedule.  You may contact Housing Services at (435) 797-3113 for more information.

Please address your questions about snow removal or report any snow and ice hazards to USU Facilities Customer Service at (435) 797-1947 or (435) 797-3535.