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    Studying: Quality beats Quantity

    Come learn how to study better and use less time!

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    Utah State University Facilities

    Our organization consists of approximately 300 personnel who have the responsibility for campus facilities. That's a big job! Our Facilities organization includes the planning, design & construction, operations, and maintenance of campus facilities. We are responsible for space management, recycling, and surplus sales associated with our institution. The campus is located on about 500 acres and has over 100 major buildings. We manage growth through a campus master plan that is updated regularly. The annual design and construction project load of approximately $200 million is to build and remodel facilities in accordance with that master plan.

    Our vision is to enhance the educational experience. We feel that as a service organization, we will do everything we can reasonably do to support the faculty and students in their educational endeavors.

    We pride ourselves on being a customer service organization which cares for our campus customers as best we can given the limitations of being a state funded institution. Since we are state funded, it is essential that we use our resources wisely. To that end, we utilize life cycle costing methods to help justify budgets and make spending decisions. We work to generate energy savings and then utilize those dollars for projects that create more savings. Our campus has many older facilities that require high maintenance efforts to keep them functional. We have a significant backlog of deferred maintenance work that we continue to request funding for and we work annually to accomplish as much as possible within our own resources. We are working diligently to make improvements in our facilities and in the effectiveness of our operation. We ask that you, our customers, help us identify opportunities where we can better serve your needs.

    Thank you for visiting our web site - if we can answer any questions, please contact us.