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Announcements (Outages/Shut-downs)

June 11, 2014-Ongoing
Student Health & Wellness Center: On June 16, a reroofing project will begin on the Student Health & Wellness Center and is expected to continue through August and potentially into September. The project will involve the removal and replacement of the existing roof membrane and its gravel ballast as well as the large skylights. No shut-downs of rooftop equipment or power supplies are anticipated at this time but notices will be sent out ahead of schedule if it becomes necessary to do so.

As part of this project, fences and covered walkways will be installed around the perimeter of the building (beginning June 11) which are to provide fall protection for building users and occupants as old materials are removed and the new is installed. All building exits required for emergency egress will be maintained open. Building materials and dumpsters will also be moved onto the site and stored there but parking interruption will be very minor.

As the project moves along, building occupants should expect loud noises, dust, and minor interferences with business as usual. The contractor will strive to limit dust entry into the building and will make efforts to support the needs of work going on within the building. However, there will at times be some slight interruptions.  Also to be expected is some off-gassing of glues and solvents as the roof membrane is attached to the roof structure and seams are glued. The contractor will make every effort to reduce the infiltration of odors into the building but they cannot be eliminated completely. Therefore, MSDS sheets for these chemical products are available upon request for those who may be sensitive to them or who may have concerns.  

All users of the building - as well as the outdoor track and field - are requested at this time to please remove all equipment from the roof such as tanks, tubs, athletic equipment, etc. Please note! After the roofing project is complete, NO extraneous equipment will be allowed on the roof!  All equipment used for track events must be kept on the field or stored elsewhere and any access to the roof by individuals is prohibited unless a roof access permit is obtained from Facilities. This is due to the fact that membrane roofs are highly susceptible to puncturing and can be expensive to repair, plus the inherent potential for damaging expensive research and equipment within a building.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact Quin Whitaker at 797-8064. Thank you!
Aug. 11-Oct. 31, 2014
Fine Arts, Fine Arts Visual, & Sculpture Lab Occupants: A new roofing project will commence on Fine Arts beginning on August 11 and will extend through the end of October. Since the installation process is extremely dependent on the weather and temperatures, the project may have to be terminated and restarted in the spring but the goal is to have it completed this year.

The purpose of the project is to recoat the existing polyurethane foam (PUF) roof with a new elastomeric waterproof coating with the expectation that the roof will last another ten to twenty years. The process will involve power washing the roof with soap and water, the spraying on of a primer coat material, and then applying the final new waterproof coating material. There will be minor demolition involved and some dust problems as sections of deteriorated PUF are repaired but should be very limited and noises heard from work on the roof are expected to be minimal. However, due to the nature of the installation process, odors will become noticeable within the building. Facilities personnel will work with the roofing company and the building occupants to minimize odors by covering or shutting-down intake and exhaust hoods on the roof and by scheduling work efforts around sensitive areas. Material safety and data sheets will be onsite and available upon request for all the materials being used for the project.

All areas of both the Fine Arts and Fine Arts Visual portions of the building will be affected with the exception of the Nora Eccles Museum and, of course, the new lobby addition.

Please contact Quin Whitaker at 797-8064 with any questions or concerns that you may have.
Sept. 8-Nov. 30, 2014
Starting September 8, construction crews will begin work on replacing and remodeling the exterior ramp leading to the west door on the Eccles Conference Center. The project is expected to run through November, with the final landscaping to be completed in April or May of next year. Due to deteriorating concrete and the need to meet stringent ADA requirements for handicap access, the existing ramp must be removed and replaced with a newer version. In addition to the new ramp, stairs allowing improved access from the south will also be installed, along with a fresh landscape design. During construction, building occupants should expect loud noises, dust, debris and some minor interruptions. Both the upper and lower exits on the west end of the building will be closed throughout the project and it is requested that building occupants review their personal exit needs in the case of an emergency. Protection of the exterior glass will also be installed and will therefore limit views from some office spaces.

Please contact Quin Whitaker at Facilities Planning, Design and Construction if you have any questions or concerns at 797-8064.
May 3-10, 2015
The annual steam shut-down will be held from May 3-May 10, 2015. This means there will be no central steam for processes, water heating, showers and cooking. Please mark your calendars and plan accordingly.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Facilities Customer Service.
Phone: 797-3535
Phone: 797-1947
Email: facilitiescustserv@usu.edu