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Business Services

Facilities Business Services oversees all financial aspects of Facilities.

Business Services handles financial issues such as customer billing, employee payroll and all other accounting fuctions for the Facilities Department.  All department billings are generated in this office using the Facilities cost accounting system FAMIS.  The Business Office also develops and monitors budgets and charge-out rates, tracks Facilities employee leave, and prepares accounting entries for the USU Banner system.  

Financial Officer

Randi Ransom
(435) 797-1946 Office
(435) 797-3512 Fax
Facilities (FCLT) 106D

Physical Address:
1295 E 700 N
Facilities (FCLT) 106D
Logan, UT 84322-6600

Business Services Manager

Chad Devries
(435) 797-1971 Office
(435) 797-3512 Fax
Facilities (FCLT) 107

Business Assistant

Brannon Zollinger
(435) 797-1971 Office
(435) 797-3388 Fax
Facilities (FCLT) 104B

Germain Costa
(435) 797-3676 Office 
(435) 797-3388 Fax
Facilities (FCLT) 104

Angie Hoffman
(435) 797-5792 Office
(435) 797-3888 Fax
Facilities (FCLT) 110

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