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  • 27Apr2017

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    Judith Clark Named as USU Facilities 2014 Employee of the Year


    USU Facilities is proud to honor Judith Clark as the 2014 Employee of the Year. Judith has worked in the Facilities Business Office for twenty-six years.

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition and thank you for your dedication to Utah State University!


    USU National Bike Challenge Winners...

    Article Featured in Utah State Today at: (http://www.usu.edu/ust/index.cfm?article=52734)


    Utah State University won first place in the college/university division of the National Bike Challenge and placed seventh overall out of more than 7,000 workplaces logging miles.

    Doug Doug

    Two hundred and twenty-six USU students and employees registered for the competition, rode 91,075 miles and burned an estimated 1,284,624 calories. Approximately half the miles were for transportation, saving 41,473 lbs. CO2 and $13,168.

    Utah State University Sustainability Council, Aggie Blue Bikes and the Employee Wellness Program collaborated on the event to encourage more students and employees to try cycling as a healthy, low carbon transportation option.

    Doug Doug

    The National Bike Challenge ran from May 1 to Sept. 30 promoting cycling for fun, fitness and transportation. Kimberly-Clark Corporation sponsored the challenge and the League of American Bicyclists organizes it. More than 34,000 participants from all 50 states and the District of Columbia logged miles throughout the competition, receiving 20 points for every day they rode at least one mile and one point for every mile they rode. Utah State University accumulated 271,943 points over the five months of the competition.

    Aggie Blue Bikes and the Sustainability Council recognized winners at USU in specific categories each month, including most commuter trips, most commuter miles, most mountain bike miles, most road miles and most improved. The top male and female cyclists at the end of the challenge received bike tunes and accessories from The Sportsman and Joyride Bikes.

    “It is an Aggie Blue Bikes mission to get more people on more bikes, more often,” said Stephanie Tomlin, Aggie Blue Bikes program coordinator. “It was a great fit for us to be involved and sponsor the National Bike Challenge at USU.”


    USU celebrated the victory with a Bike to Breakfast served by USU Dining Services with local eggs from Oakdell Egg Farms, pancakes from Central Milling Company and cider from the USU Plant Science Club.

    Alexi Lamm, USU Sustainability coordinator, felt the event was a great success and hopes to attract more participants next year.

    “We had an incredible group of organizers and participants this year,” said Lamm. “I hope we can recruit more riders and hold on to the university championship title next year.”

    Contact: Alexi Lamm, 435-797-9299, alexi.lamm@usu.edu

    Ken Weeks Named as USU's CEA Employee of the Year


    Ken Weeks has been named USU's CEA Employee of the Year. He has worked for USU Facilities for the past ten years in the HVAC shop as a tech IV. He has serviced the Chemistry, USTAR, Maser Lab, Widtsoe, and LARC buildings. Prior to his employment at USU, he worked as a technician for Wangsguards for 24 years.

    Ken has also served on the Recommissioning Team for two years, as well as the Customer Focus team for three years. As a member of the Recommissioning Team, he was responsible for analyzing building maintenance and making repairs, as needed. On the Customer Focus Team, he was responsible for encouraging employees to be more customer-service oriented and making sure customers were satisfied with their experience.

    Ken was born in Rigby, Idaho; however, he was raised in Logan, Utah. He is the oldest of eight children. He and his wife, Debara, have been married for 40 years, and they have four children (two daughters and two sons) and six grandchildren.

    In his free time, Ken likes to hike, camp, and be in the mountains. He enjoys scouting and was a scoutmaster for 10 years. He says he is a workaholic. In addition to his service at USU, he works part-time for his younger brother, Jerry, at Four Seasons Heating.


    Boyd Crookston Named as USU Facilities 2013 Employee of the Year


    USU Facilities is proud to honor Boyd R. Crookston as the 2013 Employee of the Year. Boyd truly exemplifies the Vision, Values, & Mission of Facilities. 

    After thirty-five years of service to Utah State University Boyd continues to strive for excellence in everything he does! 

    Boyd is known for his great attitude.  He has a friendly demeanor and excellent work ethic.  Boyd continues to set the standard for his peers!  

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition and thank you for your dedication to Utah State University!

    Facilities 2013 Director's Awards

    USU Facilities is proud to honor Brandon D. Hansen, Kenneth G. Weeks, and Justin J. Williams with the 2013 Directors Awards.

    Ken exemplifies the Vision, Values, & Mission of Facilities.  He is a member of our HVAC crew.  He’s been with the university for ten years. 

    Ken’s ability to absolutely delight a customer is something we should all strive to achieve.  He is an excellent example of a model Facilities Employee.  He quietly does what needs to be done. 

    Ken has been awarded as the Classified Employee Association’s (CEA) Employee of the Quarter.  He’s had numerous letters of recommendation from customers. 

    Ken cares for the USTAR Building at the Innovation Campus; he knows the building inside and out. 

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition and thank you for your dedicated service towards USU’s HVAC needs!

    Justin and Brandon exemplify the Vision, Values, & Mission of Facilities.  They serve as Event Management. 

    During the past year Justin and Brandon successfully acquired management of Event Ushering from the Athletics Department.  They knew taking on this new responsibility would greatly increase their workload.  But they also knew that by so doing they would be able to improve the customer experience during events.  Through their self-developed training program they have brought a renewed professionalism to the Ushering Staff.  They have implemented a text-in program that allows patrons to text their comments or concerns to the Event’s Staff, without having to leave their seat.  This has enabled quicker response times for customers.  As a result of Justin’s and Brandon’s efforts there have been many compliments received both from customers and Athletics. 

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition and thank you for your dedicated service to Event Patrons!

    Daniel Ferris Appointed as the New Utility Systems Director for Facilities


    Dan Ferris has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mississippi and a Master of Engineering from the University of Idaho. He is also a certififed Energy Manager and Carbon Reduction Manager through the Association of Energy Engineers.

    Dan comes to USU from Oklahoma State University. Prior to OSU he was in the Air Force and had served in Wichita Falls, Texas and at Hill AFB. He will be responsible for senior administration of utility production and distribution systems for USU.