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    Facilities Operations & Maintenance Director

    David Petersen
    (435) 797-7047 Office
    (435) 797-8191 Fax

    Structures Shop Foreman

    Russ Moore
    (435) 797-1921 Office
    (435) 797-1925 Fax

    Electrical Shop Foreman

    Howard Bee
    (435) 797-1956 Office
    (435) 797-7006 Fax

    Finishes Shop Foreman

    Scott Jaggi
    (435) 797-8106 Office
    (435) 797-7848 Fax

    Plumbing Shop Foreman

    David Miller
    (435) 797-1965 Office
    (435) 797-8191 Fax

    Crafts and Trades

    The Crafts and Trades crews oversee the production and repair of numerous components of campus buildings, including carpet, plumbing, roofs, electrical systems, and so on. All trades shops function under the direction of the Construction Maintenance and Repair (CM&R) Assistant Director, David Petersen, as well as that of their respective supervisors. This page briefly describes the function of each crew.

    Structures Shop

    Foreman: Russ Moore

    The Structures Shop consists of three divisions - - carpentry, roofing, and locks. Carpentry responsibilities include constructing and maintaining walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, cabinetry and concrete work. Facilities roofers take care of all roofing systems found on campus, and also oversee all contract roofing projects to ensure that high standards are met. The locksmiths design, install, and maintain campus security systems.

    Electrical Shop

    Foreman: Howard Bee

    Electrical duties consist of servicing secondary electrical distribution systems, switches, fixtures, and other electrical equipment. This shop is also responsible for fire alarm systems, radios and pagers, sound systems, elevators and emergency generators. Electrical employees also read all utility meters for recording and billing purposes.

    Finishes Shop

    Foreman: Scott Jaggi

    The Finishes Shop is responsible for flooring, painting, upholstery and signage. Flooring duties include the installation and maintenance of carpet, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, and specialty surfaces. Facilities painters maintain wall surfaces in offices and campus buildings. The Finishes Shop can also do repairs on upholstered furniture, and features a full-service sign shop offering a variety of services.

    Plumbing Shop

    Foreman: Dave Miller

    The Plumbing Shop provides general maintenance of water and sewage systems. Shop services include installation of water lines, fire sprinkler systems, hydronic and steam heat systems, water softeners, pumps, heat exchangers and water heaters.